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I of course then snuck in to their rooms and begged for said energy balls! One bite and I realized that I must once again attempt these delicious, whole food snacks. So with their tips in mind, I went looking for some energy bite recipes to spark my kitchen creations and I just had to share what I came across because these recipes for runners are a must! They make for fantastic homemade energy bars during runs, pre-run snacks or post run refueling when you need those carbs! Not sure the best way to sweetener your bites to keep them healthier! Homemade energy balls are a fantastic way to keep the sugar down and your wallet happy.

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This is life in your 30s. A very happy birthday to my dad! Italian Chicken Casserole. Finn had a bit of a rough day on Friday when it came to naps but went down easily that night. I look forward to it every day.

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Good morning from sunny Florida! Finn and I are having the best time hanging out with my family. All photos in this post are courtesy of Scott Broome Photography. I admit that I was a little delusional about workouts and babies going into all of this. I just assumed I would figure it out and kind of get back to normal when my body felt ready for it. There is no normal happening around here.

I knew from years of training female clients, teaching yoga and blogging that one of the biggest things that mom struggle with in regards to working out after having kids is finding the time to do it. Other than that, I have been to a total of three yoga classes in over five months and trips to the gym to lift have been few and far between. Their child care is also great because their caregiver to child ratios are low and they separate all of the children based on age. He said his head and neck control is fine for it.

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You can read my first marathon experience in this post and my second, the Marine Corps Marathon, in this post. It was quite the eventful weekend over here in not the best of way. It was a weekend full of vomit and the other stuff. Poor guy. Friday was definitely the worst of it. He had a fever and was so subdued.

Why are energy bite recipes such a great option for runners? Let me tell you why, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bake Energy Bites from Gimme Some Oven Almond Joy Nut Free Coconut Date Energy Balls by Diary of an ExSloth. Paleo Energy​.

Hi everyone. I have had a hard time focusing these past few days and have spent way too much time reading news and social media. Here in Charlotte, many businesses are choosing to close, and our governor just announced that restaurants can only do takeout or delivery. Most gyms and fitness studios have closed in the last couple of days.

I am grateful for my online business and will tell you again that I plan to continue to create content for you during these uncertain times. Please know that my eyes are wide open to how many people in my community, across the nation and around the world are facing lost or reduced wages and jobs. My prayers are with the world right now and I am committed to doing my part to serve others as best I can. One thing that we all have to do during this health crisis is eat.

I hope that this post provides you guys with some ideas and inspiration that you can take into your own kitchen.

19 meals I’ve eaten recently that you can make at home

I have a fun post for you today that features a great at-home workout and a prize pack featuring one of my favorite sweet fruit snacks. Read to the end of the post for the giveaway! Dates are a staple in my pantry. I had never tried the Natural Delights brand of dates so I was excited to receive these samples. Their pitted Medjool dates are very fresh and soft. These dates have zero sodium and are a good source of fiber and potassium along with containing 15 other essential minerals and vitamins.

Also in the blender was plain yogurt, peanut butter, almond milk and a date. Purely Elizabeth original granola on top. I get asked a lot if you can.

The other day I found myself in a pinch with no time to run to the store and the need for a last minute batch of cookies. So I opened up the cabinet to see what I had, did a bit of research and — voila! Feel free to use whatever nut butter you like. They are chewy, soft and so rich in flavor. I really love how simple this recipe is. If so, you want to avoid this type of nut butter because it contains many unnecessary added fats and sugars.

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I regularly share workouts on my blog and frequently include video tutorial to demonstrate the exercises and proper form. Notify me of new blog posts by email. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I want to start doing yoga, but I have no clue where to begin!

Homemade peanut butter and banana sandwich on wooden background So if you’re wondering what to eat before running, below are some Our newsletter is the best way to stay up to date on the latest training strategies.

Some combinations are just meant to be — like cookies and milk or ice cream and apple pie. Certain flavors fuse together in a perfect taste bud tickling union. Our latest protein packed recipe features two ingredients that deserve a spot at the top of the dynamite combo list: peanut butter and chocolate! These salty sweet bites provide the right amount of calories, nutrients and heart-healthy fats to keep you full and energized during a tough workout. Directions: Add 1 cup oats, agave, peanut butter, and coconut to a large mixing bowl and set aside.

Next, place dates, 1 cup rolled oats, and chia seeds in food processor. Pulse ingredients until dates and oats are finely chopped. Add processed mixture to ingredients in the large mixing bowl and blend until combined.

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We are gearing up for our second hour yoga teacher training which will begin in mid-September. I am visiting this week to check-in on graduates of our first teacher training by auditing their classes and seeing where they are. I love this studio and the people who make up its community. Lots of good summery meal ideas for you here.

Not slowing down on the cottage cheese scrambled eggs and neither is Finn!

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A healthy take on classic peanut butter pie without dairy, grains, or added sugar! Usually I am terrible at choosing favorites. When it comes to moves. Or songs. Or even colors! A chocolatey, slightly crumbly Oreo crust filled with the most luscious creamy, peanut butter filling. Then drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with Cool Whip. Absolute heaven!

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Hello and I hope this finds you enjoying your weekend. I’ve been hanging out with Finn and the pups, staying close to home and spending as.

Thanks for joining Sarah and me for Meatless Monday today. If you are a regular around here, you may know that I am a huge breakfast lover. I do believe a healthy and hearty breakfast sets me up for a successful day of eating. Sometimes I get into eggy based casseroles but right now I am into oatmeal. Trust me! If there was ever a duo made for each other, it would be peanut butter and banana.

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